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Kill libary cache : mutex x wait

check executions, parse_calls and version_count in v$sqlarea. If no issue identified :

increase _kgl_hot_object_copies (default is number of cpu).

If still not good, identify the most pinned cursors in shared pool :

    SELECT kglnaobj name, kglobt23 LOCKED_TOTAL,
      kglobt24 PINNED_TOTAL, kglhdexc EXECUTIONS, kglhdnsp NAMESPACE
    FROM x$kglob WHERE kglobtyd='CURSOR'
    ORDER BY kglobt24 DESC
) WHERE rownum 0;

Then mark the cursor as hot :

exec dbms_shared_pool.markhot('SYS','select name from undo$ where file#=:1 and block#=:2 and ts#=:3 and       status$ != 1',NAMESPACE=>0);

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